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The SSF Group consist of four Divisions allowing us to offer the best and most comprehensive steelwork, construction, powder coating and shutter & shop front services. Having many years of experience in a very demanding field of construction, we are able to finish projects of any size with a quick turnaround time, at competitive prices. We provide construction and steel fabrication services across UK and to any sector, industrial, commercial or private. We manage all construction process from the initial design stages to manufacture and installation. Whatever your budget and requirements, we can take care of the whole construction project, from start to finish, or liaise with other companies to ensure your bespoke construction and steel fabrication needs are met.

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SSF Construction Services

SSF Construction is one of our main four sections and a part of SSF group. We know how important it is to choose the right construction service providers, therefore we provide various building solutions to a wide range of projects at highest standards and aim to meet all your needs and make the process as easy as possible by offering quality construction services, professional builders, architects and engineers. Our construction services include structural steel frameworks fabrication and installation, design and build of metal industrial or commercial units, drainage, mezzanine floor manufacture, construction and many more. We aim to provide innovative, quality construction, either as a design and build process, or working with your own designs across a wide variety of sectors and locations. Also our Design and metals engineering expertise is provided when required, together with structural engineer reports. To ensure the hassle free service we manage entire building project, constantly communicating with our clients. All these factors ensure our success and reliability to provide our clients the highest standard Construction Services.

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SSF Steel Security Fabrications

SSF Steel Security Fabrications sector provides the option to create any steel fabrications including full metal staircases and portal frame buildings. Specializing in all aspects of steel fabrication, we supply and offer best steel security fabrication services to the commercial, industrial, retail and private sectors. We offer a thorough and hassle free complete service from design through to manufacture and installation. Our modern workshop can handle most sized projects, design and make steel fabrication projects such as decorative ornamental iron railings or electric metal gates or repetitive batch work such as iron gates or steel security fencing. We offer our clients highest quality and different style designs of steel fabrications to meet all your needs and provide the best steel security fabrication manufacture and installation.

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Powder Coating West Midlands

Powder Coatings (West Midlands) is a division of the SSF Group providing a powder coating service across a broad range of commercial or industrial business. Our professional powder coaters offer the best powder coating finish for a wide variety of metal components. We also provide custom powder coating including alloy, powder spray, metallic and chrome coating services. Even more we also perform dry powder coating for commercial and industrial implications and services. Not only our high standard powder coating works, but also our strong partnership with our customers, make us trusted powder coaters in West Midlands, with many of clients seeing our powder coating service as an extension of their own facility.

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SSF Shutters & Shop Fronts

Shutters & Shopfronts division of SSF Group provides security services for your shops or other units to ensure maximum protection. It is important to ensure the security of any building and we offer a wide range of metal shutters and shop fronts of various designs and materials. For example versatile and durable Aluminium roller shutter doors come in a selection of solid, perforated or punched shutters. Our security shutters are of very high quality ensuring maximum protection against potential vandalism and burglary. The metal roller shutters can be installed either externally or integrated into the building brickwork, from inside or outside of the premises, to suit any of customers’ requirements and to ensure security of any building.

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