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We are a respected and well established steel and aluminium metal fabrication company as well as a division in SSF Group based in West Midlands. Being the part of SSF we ensure that our products meet highests standards. We supply internal and external steel products and steel fabrication services to customers around the country. We not only supply but also manufacture and can set up various steel products and structures if required.

All metal fabrications are made in our modern workshop by qualified experts who have years of experience in steelwork manufacture. We use stainless steel, mild steel or galvanised. Using the latest technologies in our steel workshop it allows us to handle most sized projects ranging from small projects such as steel staircases or metal gates to big commercial portal frames and mezzanine floors. The amount of products we manufacture depends solely on customer needs, we can manufacture bespoke one off projects such as decorative iron railings to repetitive batch work such as iron gates, universal beams or steel security fencing. Our other products of various sizes include roller shutter doors, shopfronts and steel walkways. Being a well established steel fabrication company we supply to the commercial, industrial, retail and private sectors, offering the complete service from design to manufacture and installation.

Our main steel fabrication products and services include:

Fencing and gates (Manual and automated)

To anyone who needs some security and privacy we offer a production and installation of steel security fences and gates. The steel gates can be made either manual or automated from different metals. Steel gates and fences are most popular but we can manufacture iron or aluminium gates and fencing. We provide manufacturing of steel gates and fences to various sectors such as industrial or private, offering a choice of decorative fences and steel gates to suit any customer’s needs.

Staircases and fire escapes

Every building, especially large, needs a fire escape with stairs and we offer a manufacture and installation of high quality steel staircases and fire escapes to all sectors either commercial or private. The high quality steel we use at our workshop allows as to make steel fabrications to last for many many years. So we guarantee that our staircases used for escape in case of any accident are of high quality and meeting all security standards. Stairs made by SSF have an option of safety anti-slip materials.

Handrails and balustrades

To provide more security and comfort we offer steel handrails for staircases. The handrails can be made in various designs according to customer requirements to suit their house interior. Also, at our modern steel workshop we can create steel balustrades. It is made of a set of balusters providing more support to the stairs. Steel handrails and balustrades give a contemporary look to the house interior and they are more durable than wooden handrails or balustrades.

Mezzanine floors

We offer the production and installation of the most popular and cost effective storage solution - Mezzanine floors. It is widely used across commercial and industrial sectors because of it’s short construction time and the competitive price. In tall and wide buildings such as warehouses, the mezzanine floors are the best storage solution, as the platform called mezzanine floor is built and can be extended or moved quite easily. We use high quality steel which guarantees the warranty for decades and meets all security standards.

Portal frame buildings

Our service also includes manufacture and building of portal frame buildings. The construction of portal frames are quite quick and cost effective, therefore the portal frames are widely used as a warehouse and storage buildings or a garage. Also the special shape and the steel used ensures the durability of the building. Steel beams bolted together forms strong steel portal frames and mostly they are used for low-rise buildings and because of the galvanised steel we use, portal frames are low maintenance and durable. Our methods of manufacturing steel meets all security and building design requirements ensuring that all our steel fabrications and buildings meet the highest quality.


Outdoor Canopies can be a great and useful addition to the building, providing the shelter over the reception entrance. We offer canopies made of high quality steel or aluminium. Other uses of canopies include: smoking shelters or even tents. We not only manufacture all parts needed for construction of outdoor canopies, but also take care of installation process. All our steel fabrication works including canopies can be designed according to individual customer’s needs. For example it can be made as a decorative canopies or painted in different colours and the size of canopies can vary to meet all client’s requirements.

Structural Steel Work

Great construction projects require high quality structural steel works, experienced engineers and construction workers, therefore, SSF steel fabrications offer bespoke structural steel design, manufacture and installation. We provide structural steel works to variety of sectors such as industrial, commercial or even residential.

Steel walkways and landings

We offer manufacture of steel walkways and landings. Our staircases and walkways can be made using metal grating and grillers to ensure more security and durability. The metal works such as walkways, stairs and landings are finished off with special anti-slip surface or can be infilled together with tile, timber or rubber to make secure walkways and stairs. All sizes and styles of steel walkways can be done according to customer's needs.

More of our products include:

  • Universal Beams
  • Universal Columns
  • RSJ Beams
  • Parallel Flange Channels
  • Angles

Having the latest technologies in our workshop of steel fabrications we are able to manufacture and supply most sized metalworks to industrial, commercial, retail and residential sectors. We manufacture all parts needed for construction works of any size, whether it be a multi store commercial building or just a warehouse building or a garage. Our range of most common steel fabrications used in construction includes universal beams, steel universal columns, RSJ beams and parallel flange channels, also we manufacture stainless steel angles used for joining other beams and for their support. All of our steel fabrication products can be made in various sizes and designs according to customer's requirements.

At SSF Steel Fabrications we aim to provide exceptional client service ensuring that all needs of our customers are met, provide best quality steel fabrications and competitive prices for our metalwork either iron, steel or aluminium.

For more details, please contact SSF Steel Security Fabrications and discuss your requirements with one of our team.

For more information on, please get in touch with our team on 01902 492 400 or email: sales@ssf-group.co.uk

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