Groundworks, Excavation and Garden Landscaping

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Before Anything Can Go Up

Before anything can go up, advanced ground working is required. This ensures that the land is sufficiently prepared for the construction of any new building. After all the hard work of designing, implementing, and erecting a new building, the grounds can look like a mess, after all, tons of equipment, materials and our workforce would have spent weeks, or perhaps months all over the site. The grounds around the building will need to follow suit, that’s where SSF come in. As well as our decades of experience in the construction and steel fabrication industry, we are also specialists in groundworks and landscaping.

We Can Transform Anything

No matter how big or small the space is, we can transform it into anything you require, from a lush garden to a functional car park. We at SSF will make sure the full management of your building project is taken care of. We will keep tight project management and time keeping control, and this guarantee covers the full groundwork as well as the necessary landscaping services. Before starting any building works even starts, our experts will observe the land and take details of all of the underground drainage layouts, and start the groundwork plans necessary for the upcoming construction processes.

Our groundwork services include:

  • Building concrete foundations of various sizes
  • Underground drainage installation and design
  • General excavations.


Groundworks are the base of any construction. In most cases we have to even the ground or make excavations to prepare the ground for upcoming concrete foundation. The concrete basement or foundation is made using concrete and a special mesh to ensure that the base of the building is strong and durable. Also at the same time underground drainage systems are installed to protect the premises from flood, corrosion and other problems. Only after crucial groundworks are finished other construction work can continue.

Even more, we offer landscape design, preparation and planning. The landscaping of a project can make all the aesthetic difference to the entire project, completing the look. Our landscaping services cover a wide range of landscaping works such as:

  • Patios
  • Gardens
  • Green spaces
  • Driveways
  • Parking
  • Verges

Our landscaping services are ideal for both private and commercial sectors. We can make beautiful raised patios, paving or stone/brick sidewalks for your garden or green spaces, barbeque areas, brickwork, decking, paving car park spaces, as well as just a simple flattened and tarmacked space for commercial premises.

Meeting Requirements

Whether your project is small and domestic, or big and industrial, we will ensure that your project will be finished to a superior standard, on time and in budget. Not only as a result of the high quality material and technology used by our experts, but also as a result of our fantastic team of landscape specialists, working together to create a beautiful landscape design, no matter what the project is.

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